Orders are now open for local deliveries this Friday! Enjoy fresh breads and baked goods, including our weekly bread special- Toasted Sesame Sourdough, delivered straight to your home or office on 3/8! Thank you for shopping small and supporting your neighborhood bakers 😊

About Us

  • Beehive Baking Company is a family owned home delivery bakery run by married couple Caedan and Sarah, who just recently moved to Irondale with their little dog Stella. Sarah grew up in Athens, Ga but is proud to call Birmingham home since 2011. Caedan grew up in Argo and moved to "the big city" about 10 years ago to attend UAB. 
  • We started Beehive back in 2017 with nothing more with a Facebook page, a passion for people, a skill for baking, and a simple belief that good food brings people together. It's a small 2 person operation and we do everything ourselves from baking in the early morning hours to deliveries late in the afternoon! 


  • At Beehive Baking Company our goal is simple. We want to help you find peace of mind knowing that you are enjoying the freshest baked goods, made by neighbors for neighbors, who not only care about the product but care about you- and the the best part is- its all  conveniently delivered straight to your doorstep with a sincere smile and a warm greeting. 


  • From seasonal fruits and veggies to locally produced honey, coffee, tea and more, we strive to celebrate Alabama's trusted farmers and producers by highlighting their locally made ingredients into our seasonal menus and goods. That way you know where the ingredients began and are guaranteed that everything we bring to you is fresh and made with love and dedication all the way from crop to oven. You can also rest assured that all of the flours we use are regionally sourced or locally milled for extra freshness and quality.


  • It's not only about the quality and the source of ingredients at Beehive, though - it all comes back to the customer. We are here to celebrate you! Our business isn't just about adorning your table with delicious products, but it's also built with the mission to create sincere relationships with each of our customers that are empathetic, compassionate and honor the humanity of the people in this community. It's simple - we care. We care about you, your family, and the quality of your life. We are honored to be invited to your doorstep, to know your names (even your puppies!), and become a small part of your day. You've trusted us to take part in your life's big and small moments- birthdays, holidays, weddings, and more, and that is what drives us. It's given meaning to why we spend those long, hot hours at the oven.


  • Quality matters, traditions matter, connections matter, and we aim to celebrate those things in everything that leaves our kitchen. Thank you for supporting our small business and your local community!


Caedan and Sarah