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Breakfast Buddy Cookies~ Updated recipe! (6 pack)

Breakfast Buddy Cookies~ Updated recipe! (6 pack)

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Your favorite breakfast (or anytime!) cookie just got a tasty update! 

Our soft and chewy Breakfast Buddies are a delicious and nutritious treat that's perfect for anyone looking for a sweet and satisfying snack. 

The use of pumpkin puree, locally milled wheat, and toasted oats gives these cookies a moist and tender texture, while also providing a boost of vitamins and gut friendly fiber. Maple syrup lends a natural sweetness, and a blend of bright spices along with a touch of brown sugar gives each cookie a warm and comforting flavor.

In addition to these key ingredients, we add a mix of pumpkin seeds, cranberries, almonds, and raisins for flavorful texture, as well as diverse nutrients, antioxidants, and healthy minerals.

Newly added roasted sunflower seeds gives each bite even more delicious nutty crunch! Just another reason these wholesome and oh-so-delicious treats are sure to become a fast favorite (if they aren't already!)

 6 pack

Contains tree nuts, dairy, egg and wheat